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       Business Insurance

      Medical Liability

      Healthcare organizations today face unique and pressing challenges. At Chubb, we understand the hurdles you must overcome. Our goal is to help you meet these challenges by working with you to offer a wide range of global liability products designed to meet your unique risk management needs.

      Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

      Primary and excess liability coverage for hospitals, healthcare systems and integrated delivery systems.

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      Long Term Care Facilities

      Professional Liability and General Liability coverage for Long Term Care Facilities.

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      Managed Care Errors and Omissions

      Errors and omissions coverage for managed care organizations.

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      Professional Liability & Package Insurance for Human Service Agencies

      Professional liability coverage for new and established behavioral/mental health centers and addiction treatment facilities.

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      Outpatient Facilities

      Organizations such as home healthcare agencies, hospice facilities, imaging centers, dialysis centers, pharmacies and others require specialized insurance. Chubb provides customized risk management solutions and liability insurance products and services designed to manage these facilities broad spectrum of exposures.

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